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Investigative Services

When you need a new address to serve your legal documents on an individual or business. We have the solutions. Skip Traces completed within 24-48 hours.

Our licensed private investigators conduct interviews, perform surveillance and provide written testimony for every assignment. We provide status reports on skip trace and investigative service requests. Upon completion of the investigation, we prepare a full report on the service request. We conduct background checks for businesses. We also perform onsite LIVESCAN, FBI check, photo and notary.

Investigative Searches

Asset, Social Security, Address, Bankruptcy Screening, Business Search, Telephone Number, Email Search, Social Network, FFA Records, License Plate, DMV, FBN, Public Records, Real Estate, Title, World Businesses, US Corporations, UCC Filings, Foreclosures, Liens, Unified Criminal Records and Equalization & ABC Licenses.