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Document Services

As your Deposition Officer, we handle all the preparation of your legal documents by preparing the paperwork for client review. We serve the Subpoenas for: Production of Records, Notice to Consumer, Notice to Counsel. PacTrack Legal makes the necessary phone calls to each Custodian of Records per case. All of this is tracked and put on Calendar in live time and you are alerted instantaneously when each process has been completed by the Deposition Officer. We deliver copies via Paper form and/or CD conversion. PacTrack Legal can also prepare your Subpoenas for Production of Records, Notice to Consumer, and Notice to Opposing Counsel. Trust in a legal services that has 20+ years of handling preparation for firms all around Southern California.

Whether you need our trusted and licensed mobile team to pick up necessary documents from the Courts, or Archives; we have you covered. Additionally, PacTrack Legal provides a number of features to reduce costs, track, manage and help with controlling client expenses.

Need documents notarized in a pinch? We have mobile notaries that travel all over Southern California to complete the job for your business. We cover all types of businesses within this category.