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Why Choose PacTrack Legal Logistics

Tired of juggling multiple login credentials? What about all of those hidden mileage fees that you find on your bill? And not to mention those Attempts charges?! Look no further, PacTrack has your firm covered!

PacTrack, Inc. offers a wide scope of comprehensive attorney services. Our services include but are not limited to Court Filings, Service of Process, Document Retrieval, Investigative services and General Messenger services.

What is Legal Support Logistics?

From entry to completion, every order is reviewed with care. Before dispatch, each legal document is coordinated by experienced staff. Upon review, orders are then dispatched and tracked on a per attempt basis. Each attempt is e-mailed and included in the Diligence Report. Each order is tracked in this manner.

20 compelling reasons why law firms across the Southern California are turning to PacTrack for their attorney service needs.

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Legal Team with 25+ Years of Attorney Service Experience pac-25
Minority owned Business Entity (MBE) pac-25
One (1) Login for Web Portal Order Entry: Court Filings, Service of Process, Document Retrieval, and Messenger pac-25
Upload documents to order pac-25
Export data to excel pac-25
Real-Time Tracking: Court Filings, Service of Process, Document Retrieval, and Messenger pac-25
Pictures available from Service of Process pac-25
Automated e-mailed status updates on all orders pac-25
Digital Mobile Platform for Service of Process, Court Filings, and Messenger pac-25
Diligence e-mailed and available on Web Portal for Service of Process pac-25
No Hidden Mileage Charges on Service of Process pac-25
 Four (4) Attempts included on Service of Process Base Rate pac-25
Time, Date, and GPS-stamped Proof of Service pac-25
Address Verification pac-25
Motorcycles pac-25
Bike Messengers pac-25
Downtown Los Angeles Walkers pac-25
Court Representatives (LASC) pac-25
Direct Customer Service pac-25
Fast, Friendly, Comprehensive Attorney Service Firm pac-25